Monday, November 23, 2009

Learned's Brigade

I finished basing Learned's brigade today, and now have the two big brigades complete. I have a small brigade of 28 figures left to go, and then my army will be done.

Learned's Brigade, Sept. 1777

2nd Massachusetts Continental Regiment

8th Massachusetts Continental Regiment

9th Massachusetts Continental Regiment

From my painting notes:

"The greatest proportion of Massachusetts soldiers who had uniforms wore blue coats faced and lined with white. The regiments were distinguished by the numbers stamped on the pewter buttons.

In 1775, short brown or drab coats with facings of white or red were furnished also, but the prevailing color of cloth throughout the war for Massachusetts regiments was blue faced with white, and lined with white or red. The waistcoats, or jackets with sleeves, and the breeches, were generally of white linen or wool, though we also find many of brown or green cloth. In the field, after the campaign of 1776, coarse white linen overalls or buckskin hunting trousers were for the most part worn in summer, and the same of blue or brown cloth in winter.

It is not to be supposed, however, that all the men were properly uniformed in the clothing mentioned. This general description, as given above, is from contemporary evidence, and is given merely to show that the prevailing color of the uniform issued to Massachusetts soldiers was blue faced with white."

1st Canadian Continental Regiment

Again, from my painting notes:

"The uniform of the battalion companies until 1779 was brown faced with white. After that date the facings were changed to red. The battalion companies wore black felt hats cocked up and trimmed with white braid."

American Army at Saratoga

It's almost done now!


  1. Very nice work indeed ! As usual from you ! I am not a blog fan but yours is amongst the very, very few I visit regularly, as I enjoy both the splendid quality of your painting and the profusion of your production.
    I am now wondering if you are planing to paint up a french brigade as well ? It would make a nice contrast beetwen the regular french troops and the irregular americans !

  2. Looking very nice Scott and reminds me I need to get back on my own AWI stuff.


  3. Emmanuel, I would paint some French, but I just can't find enough scenarios to justify it! I'm thinking about starting a French SYW army, though.

  4. Lovely work, Scott. The mix of clothing works perfectly.

    Best wishes


  5. Lovely stuff - they look fantastic...

    I'd echo the plea for some French - you need something to give the British an even harder time during the Yorktown campaign... :o))

  6. Very impressive! It's going to be a fine army.

  7. They look great. I really like the fact that you've liberally mixed in non-uniformed poses.

  8. I've just been looking at these again. I really like the way you've painting some of the "militia" figures in uniform coats - it suggests troops wearing unforms taken from different issues of clothing.