Thursday, November 26, 2009

Morgan's Rifles

While everyone else was sleeping off their turkey dinner, I was putting the finishing touches on Morgan's riflemen.

All the riflemen are mounted in skirmish order, two to a stand to reflect their elite status. I did the majority of the hunting smocks in various shades of brown, but enlivened my palette with two green smocks, one blue, and one dingy red.

Now I only have the 12 figures of Dearborn's Light Infantry and one mounted general left to paint, and the great Saratoga project will be done!


  1. Very nice! Excellent basing too.

    Best wishes


  2. Very nice work!:-)

    These guys are my all time favorite miniatures of any range in the AWI period.I had a great deal of fun painting mine and I'm looking forward to doing a few more in the future.

  3. Jesus I love this AWI collection you've put together... one of the finest looking I've ever seen, of any period, ever. Great job Scott.

  4. I like your units. You've convinced me it's "okay" to have sixteen-figure battalions. I want to go with 24s for my Napoleonic collection, but I only have a 4'x6' or (maybe) 8' surface available, and a 24-man battalion just takes up too much room.

    Great job.

  5. These are awesome figures (Perry are simply the best figures available ...even though the danglers make clean-up a chore), painted to an incredible level of quality. Scott, you are a genius.
    Thanks for the constant inspiration and eye candy.

    J- I don't think that scale really matters. I use 8 Infantry figures per stand, and 4 cavalry, and I use them as divisions, brigades, or regiments, depending on the battle. :)

  6. Great unit! I think there were more than a few men in the unit in natural linen-colored coats, but it's a forgiveable difference considering how beautiful your basing and figures are!