Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Painting Totals

Even with Christmas sucking a lot of time away from me, December was a very productive month. Here's what I finished:

15mm Napoleonic British, 24 infantrymen
15mm ACW Union, 85 infantrymen
28mm Ancient Spanish, 18 infantrymen
28mm Ancient Gauls, 32 infantrymen
28mm AWI Continentals, 9 infantrymen, 1 general
28mm ACW Confederates, 60 infantrymen

Every figure except the AWI and the last 20 Confederates have been on the blog. That's 667 SPPs for the month, and . . . I'm retiring the SPPs. It was a good idea that got a little silly.

I wanted a way to distinguish between painting, say, one basic 15mm ACW Union figure and one super detailed 28mm ancient Gaul figure. This month I cranked out 85 15mm ACW Union figures in three days without any problem, while I sweated over 32 28mm Gauls for 10 days. I guess if they're all on the blog, there's no real reason to weight my production. You can see for yourself what standard they're painted to.

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