Friday, December 4, 2009

FoG Spansh Scutari

After a long spell of horse and musket figures, I took some partially painted scutari off my painting bench and finished them up. The figures are Old Glory, with command from the Carthaginian spearmen pack. Spears are from North Star, and bases are from Litko.

Field of Glory classifies these troops as medium foot. I'm not too sure about that, as they fought as line-of-battle infantry. Each 60mm x 30mm base gets three figures, and the figures definitely fit comfortably on the bases.

I had the shields all painted in various muted colors, and as I was preparing to attach them to the figures, I changed my mind. For ancients figures to look good, the shields really need to pop, and the muted shields looked too drab. I reprimed them and started from scratch, and I'm very hapy with how the new designs turned out.

I painted a unit of 10 scutari when I made up my WAB Carthaginian army four years ago. If you want to see what a difference four years of painting practice can make, take a look at my older figures.

I mean, they're not bad, but the figures I finished this week are just much better.


  1. Not bad?!!! These are fantastic! The work on the shields is particularly striking. Nicely done.

  2. Both look good to me ;)

    The bane of my wargaming is leaving gaps between starting and finishing projects.

    No matter what I try, my style or simply the paints change and they look a tad different