Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Regimental Fire and Fury Union Brigade

While Austin, Don, and I put our order together, I dug around in my 15mm ACW spares box and found enough marching Union figures to put together a good sized brigade.

Each stand in Regimental Fire and Fury (RFnF) represents 40 men, so we have here two regiments of 320 men each and two regiments of 240 men each. That's a pretty typical brigade for mid war.

Almost all of the figures are Old Glory. There are a few Frontier figures mixed in, like the regimental color bearer and the officer above.

The Old Glory figures are full of motion. If anything, they're a little over-animated.

The bayonets are definitely oversized, and sometimes the break off, as with the figure behind the regimental colors. His bayonet didn't even survive basing. I imagine many of these men will lose their bayonets during game play.

Old Glory figures have always been super cheap, though. I got these for about $.12 apiece a while back. By printing my own flags, I was able to make the entire brigade for $10.08.

Sometime in the next few days, we'll be ordering Battle Honors marching figures for the bulk of our forces. We'll be able to use the cavalry, artillery, and generals that we already have finished for basic old Fire and Fury.


  1. Hi Scott

    Nice flags. I see what you mean about the animation of the sculpting for Old Glory figures - but they do look good en masse. You mentioned this sized brigade was typical mid-war - are the Confederate Bde comparable at that time or a little smaller?

    As usual nice figures and nice pics - I like the way you do them.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours in snowy Idaho - its about 35C here in Down Under at present!


  2. The Confederate brigades would be a little larger, yes. The US Army bled their regiments white and used new men to form new regiments. The Confederates brought new men into established units, so their regiments stayed at 400-600 men throughout much of the war. Both armies tended to group 3-5 regiments into a brigade.

    Go ahead and rub it in! We never got above 0C today, and we're not likely to for some time.

  3. Why have you decided to to 15mm ACW when you've got all those 28mm ACW available? :)

  4. Ken, the 15mm ACW is a group project, and I will be able to finish my part of it in a couple weeks.

    The 28mm ACW is a project all my own, and I still have several more months of painting ahead of me before I'll be able to fight even a small battle. I'm going all-out on my 28mm ACW, painting both sides to my highest standard. I got the best figures, the best flags, and the best terrain pieces, as I plan to be gaming with these for 40 years.

  5. Very nice looking Scott. I've been wanting to toy with other regimental rules besides JR3. F&F along with Guns at Gettysburg are on the top of my list. What do you like best about F&F?

  6. Iowa, I haven't played it yet, but I have read through the rules. I like the simplified movement rolls, ala Battlefront: WWII. You roll once for each brigade, but the modifiers can vary by regiment. Some regiments may move, some may stay stationary, and some may run. I also like that casualties are taken by bases rather than by figures, so there's very little record keeping.

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