Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Even More 28mm Confederates!

Another two days, another 20 rebs. I finally got the butternut color I wanted for the coats, and by mixing some tan with grey, I was able to get a butternut-like color for the trousers.

Just 20 figures to go, and I can start basing my rebel infantry!


  1. Watch those patches - they're all in exactly the same place...! :o)))

    Like your butternut colour with this batch though.. very nice..

  2. The Sash & Sabre are nice figures - and I like your colour choices and finish - great butternut!




  3. The best thing about butternut is any shade you like is correct. It ran the gamut! Nicely done on these.

  4. Love the S&S figures and love your painting.

    By the way, do you have a day job or are you a wealthy gentleman of leisure who can spend all day painting beautiful miniatures?


  5. Ken, I'm a stay at home dad, so my day job lasts 11.5 hours a day, the time from when my wife leaves for work until she gets home again. I get two hours' painting time most nights.

  6. Very nice, I am anxious to see all of them based! Although I have to admit I am starting to resent you.. I starting following your blog about the time you started this project and during that time you've consistantly outpainted me! Can't wait to see the "finished" project.

  7. "I get two hours' painting time most nights."

    Well, then I'm even more impressed. For the amount of time you have you sure do good work!