Thursday, January 14, 2010

1:35 Panther D Oil Wash

I spent Tuesday night and yesterday afternoon applying a sequence of oil washes to my panther. I started with a very thin wash of black, applied to the entire vehicle. Once the wash was almost dry, I started laying down some pin washes of burnt umber (for grime) and Indian red (for rust).

You can see that I got some pooling of the pin washes. I'll attack those tonight with a little thinner. That engine deck really pops now.

Here's a good shot showing how the black wash actually stained the acrylic paint. compare the paint tones here with those in the previous post.

The black wash really accentuates the texture of the zimmerit. Once the drybrushing is done, it'll pop even more!


  1. A good start!

    The wash is where you have to screw up your courage, because they always look like hell when you are done with it. BUT drybrushing will save the day. Then if you need to add some more pinwashes to accentuate certain spots they are easy!

    Looking good Scott!

  2. One thing to think of before doing a wash is that it is much easier to get a wash off of a gloss finish than a flat finish , like if you put too much on or end up with shoreline , I always gloss coat my aircraft before I wash , but aircraft models are different than armor models .

    But it is looking really good , can't wait to see it after you drybrush it !