Friday, January 22, 2010

250 man ACW project, day 2

As planned, I painted the musket stocks and flesh basetone today. All of the figures are ready for the next phase, and the project is on schedule.

Here's the same figure yesterday and today. It may still look a little rough, but the paint bleed over will get covered by some of the next stages.

Tomorrow I'll be painting hair and hats. The hats will serve as a visual reminder of which figures get painted as federals and which get painted as Confederates. I'll be mixing some kepis and hats into units from both sides. Only the federals will get black hats, and the Confederates will get everything but black hats.


  1. A good start Mr Mac!

    With luck I will start slinging paint this weekend.


  2. Scott,

    This is a great series of posts. I'm very interested in your technique, especially the order in which you're painting the figures. When you have time (maybe after this is done) maybe you could explain your thinking? For example, starting with the gun barrels and using a dry brush technique on them is very clever. Thanks.


  3. Good progress! Keep up the momentum. I'm enjoying seeing your day-by-day progress. My Gauls have their base skin tone, hair, pants and shirts (where applicable) base colored. Next up will be stripes and plaids for the clothing. I should make a post too.....hmmmmm (gets camera out).


  4. Ken,
    I regularly gather with Scott and Austin for painting nights and Scott's painting order, shown in these posts, surprised me too.

    I really should pay more attention...