Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1:35 Panther D

January has been a very productive month so far. Not only am I breezing through a lot of gaming miniatures, but I've been able to practice my armor modeling skills as well.

I built this DML Panther D with zimmerit toward the end of 2009. I used two airbrushes to put down the camouflage scheme: a Badger 250 for the big coat of dark yellow, and an Aztek A470 for the olive green and red brown.

I actually used Tamiya's "field grey" for the olive green, as it seems much closer to the actual color than Tamiya's "olive green."

After the three tone scheme was done, I gave the whole model a light misting of dark yellow again, this time holding my airbrush at a distance from the model. I think I had my dark yellow a little thick, as some areas got more of a spatter than a mist, but the washes, drybrushing, and weathering should calm that effect down a bit.

Now I'm moving on to the road wheels and skirts. Once they're done, I'll need to touch up the hull a bit. I can see from these photos that I left some ejector pin marks on the spare tracks, and I'll need to paint all the stowage as well.

Still, considering this is only my second time painting a model with an airbrush, I'd say it's looking pretty good.


  1. Your Panther looks good. Nice job on the cammo. Washes and drybrushing will make alot of the splatter dissapear.

    I wish my second airbrush attempt looked that good!

    Keep at it!

  2. Nice work so far. I used to use my airbrush to prime my figures. I should get back to doing that!

  3. Hey Scott,

    Do you have any idea if or when you might start taking commissions again? I LOVE your painting style and have a 28mm Civil War army that needs painting. After seeing what you just did with the Sash & Sabre project, I'm in need. :)

  4. Glenn, email me (click on my profile for my address) and we can talk. I had planned to give up commission work, but it turns out that I can use some more funds.

  5. Hi Scott,

    Probably blindness on my part, but I don't see your email address in your profile anymore.

    You can reach me at:
    gdrover@popcap.com or