Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Regimental Fire and Fury Command Stands

Don, Austin, and I went ahead and ordered 15 bags of Battle Honors ACW marching infantry, which will give us each 250 troops to paint. I had enough extra command figures already on hand to get a good start on my regiments.

The figures are a mix of Old Glory and Stone Mountain. Most of the flags are from Warflag.com, but the three rebel battle flags on the right are from GMB.

I spent a bit of time touching up the edges of the flags, and that led to touchups on the body of them as well.

I really enjoy painting 15mm ACW. You can see that I did give some of the figures the basetone and highlight treatment, but most of them are just straight block painted. I painted these 27 figures in about four hours, but I can beat that pace by working in larger groups.

I'm thinking of painting all 250 infantry in two large batches, one Union and one Confederate. With my figures primed six to a stick, that'll be 42 sticks of infantry. At 99 Federal and 150 Confederates, those should each be manageable as single pass projects. I'll see if I can't crank out 250 figures in one week!


  1. That would be some PAINTIN!!!!!!!!

    Figures look great.

    So I guess my goal of a regiment a week, now looks like I am unmotivated!!!!

    Maybe I could R.Lee to stand behind my chair..."#@#@! H. &%$#@*! You call that painting!"

  2. It's all about reasonable expectations. Do not let his output get you down.

    If I get 250 figures prepped and primed, I'll declare victory!

  3. He's not human!

    I'm still prepping and priming 50'ish cav for ancients. Going to prime another 100 inf or so before I paint so I can go on a run. But 250 in a week and in high quality...going to start referring to Scott as painting version of the Terminator. Hmmm Paintinator?

  4. Well, let's wait until I do it. Maybe I won't be able to get the figures painted in a week.

  5. Do you think diverting A's attention from the Saratoga project is constructive?