Saturday, January 9, 2010

28mm Confederate Generals

Ready to command my 28mm rebels, these Generals are a mix of Old Glory and Sash and Saber figures.

This is the division command stand. In retrospect, I probably should not have three generals on there, but maybe one major general and two aides. All the figures are Old Glory from pack WBS-68 "Confederate Mounted Colonels."

My three Old Glory brigade commanders are also from WBS-68. They're decent enough figures that painted up very well.

These are my two Sash and Saber generals. When I ordered these figures, Chris hadn't yet released generic generals, so these are actually two personality figures: John B. Gordon and Henry Heth.

Next up for the Confederates: dismounted cavalry!


  1. Nice stuff- How do you like the horses from S&S? I've been really pleased with my infantry from them but the horses look a little chunky so I've kind of avoided them..

  2. buthese are very nice in design and painted how does old glory stand up to perry foundry and sash saber was looking at dixon but looking at these not so sure now..

  3. Very , very nice .... you are da man!

    Looks like Don and I are going to try and make it up next Saturday , so make sure you reserve Sat. afternoon for some gaming !

  4. Very nice always. I just love coming to your blog.

    We seem to like the same periods (Napoleonic, Civil War, and Punic War), and your collection is a great 'wish list' for me.

    Trouble is that I'm nowhere near as prolific as you, so my armies grow much slower. :)

  5. Josiah, I like the Sash and Saber horses well enough, but to tell the truth, I prefer the look of the Old Glory horses. They all look pretty similar once painted, however.

    Andrew, the Old Glory figures are slightly larger than Sash and Saber. I'd mix them on the table, but not within units. I haven't seen any of the Perry figures, so I can't help with a comparison there, but I do have a pack of Foundry generals. They're roughly the same size as Sash and Saber, and so slightly smaller than Old Glory.