Saturday, January 5, 2008

Old Glory Spanish Scutarii

This is Old Glory PPC-06 “Spanish Scutarii.” The pack includes only three spearmen poses, although two of them are excellent. The only figure I didn’t like has a cape and is holding his spear directly in front of his body, which makes him difficult to fit in the ranks. If you want officer, standard bearer, and musician for your unit, you’ll either have to convert these troops or use the Carthaginian figures from other packs. The scutum is a very nice piece, a little flatter than the Roman scutum. These figures have the Old Glory short spears.

I painted these scutarii in unbleached linen tunics, a little darker shade than the Carthaginians’ tunics. The Spanish troops would have had purple edging on their tunics, although there is some debate over just what shade this purple would have been, with some authors favoring a crimson instead of true purple. The shields are a joy to paint and look very sharp in their geometric designs. I used the Hannibal and the Punic Wars book for inspiration.

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