Sunday, January 20, 2008

Piquet 28mm Napoleonics

I painted these two armies in just under four months. On the table are 240 Austrian infantry, 24 Austrian cavalry, 10 Austrian guns, 30 Austrian gunners, 6 Austrian generals, 180 French infantry, 24 French cavalry, 8 French guns, 24 French gunners, and 6 French generals. That's a total of 474 foot figures, 60 mounted figures, and 18 guns.

Almost all the figures are Old Glory. There are a handful of Sash and Saber Austrian artillerymen. All the guns are Sash and Saber except for the Austrian horse artillery, which are Front Rank.

It was a fun project, and it won the "Best Diorama" award at the local IPMS show last October.

Piquet is a great system for solo gaming, and I've enjoyed pushing these figures around the table.

French legere regiment with the army commander observing

Austrian horse artillery

Austrian 58th line infantry regiment

The whole table

Long view of the Austrian line

Another view of the whole table

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