Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wargames Factory Romans IV Throwing Pila

Unit III: Throwing Pila

This is my favorite pose of the bunch. If I could buy separate arms, I would have all my units throwing pila. Unfortunately, the sprue design doesn't allow for that. Tony Reidy has explained on his website that Wargames Factory will try to design sprues that allow for more customization of troop poses in the future. With this first set, they were just focused on producing a good quality box, and they didn't focus on custom poses.

Here are some closeups of this unit.

I varied the arm angles so that the unit really looks like they're in the act of throwing.

But here's the price I paid. If the pilum is angled too high, the butt of it pokes into the rear rank's shield. This is my favorite pose asthetically, but it doesn't work well as a wargaming pose.

Part V: Making Units


  1. Beautiful work, Scott. Very nice review of the figures. (But I will never be a plastics man.)

  2. very nice job on all the figures. I went with a deeper base due to the overhang problem. Since base depth is not as important in Field of Glory, using a greater base depth helps them to form proper ranks.