Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wargames Factory Romans Table of Contents

Just over a month ago, Tony Reidy of Wargames Factory emailed and asked me if I'd like to paint up some of his new hard plastic Marian Romans. Of course I jumped at the chance. Although there has been a lot of interest in these figures, I haven't seen any detailed reviews yet. So I'll go into some detail here, and hopefully I'll give you a good idea of what you get for your $30. The next five posts all deal with these Wargames Factory figures.

Part I: Building the Legionaries

Part II: Advancing with Gladius

Part III: Advancing with Pila

Part IV: Throwing Pila

Part V: Making Units


  1. Thanks for the review, I had seen the boxes and artwork, but did wonder about the figures themselves. Great paint work by the way.

  2. looking good. If I wasn't knee deep in other projects they'd be on my bench.

    Keep posting