Wednesday, March 31, 2010

64 Man Project, Day 6

The penultimate day of painting is done, and I still look to finish on time. Today I painted the linothorax on the remaining 18 men, highlighted tunics, highlighted leather, painted everyone's toes, painted the shoulder ties, attached and painted the standards, and painted the base colors for the shields.

Here's the result of one day's prep and five days' painting: some figures who lack only shields to be complete.

First are the command figures, an officer, a musician, and a standard bearer. I did two of each of these poses.

Now the chain mail equipped men, who I needed because I was four figures short. I painted two of each of these poses.

Finally the linothorax wearing spearmen who make up the bulk of the units. I painted 18 of each of these poses.

Tomorrow I'll paint shield designs, highlight the shield faces, attach them to the figures, and paint the bronze shield rims. Then all will be done but the basing, which will have to wait on a Litko order.

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  1. They look great. Awesome progress in a short time.

    Are you sure you're human?