Friday, March 19, 2010

FoG Numidian Light Horse

I'm gearing up to start a very large ACW commission (over 400 foot figures alone). But before I start it, I was able to complete two more units for my Field of Glory Carthaginian army. These are two units of Numidian light horse. The unit on the left is made up of Gripping Beast figures, and the unit on the right is comprised of Crusader Miniatures figures.

These are the Gripping Beast sculpts. They're nice and animated, and the horses look suited for light cavalry.

These are the Crusader figures. The figures are a little stiffer, but still look perfectly natural. The horses are huge compared with the Gripping Beast horses. I suspect that the historical Numidians rode horses closer to the Gripping Beast pygmies than these Crusader thoroughbreds.

Now that I've painted these up, I'm really happy with how both manufacturers' figures look. They have different styles, and I would probably go with Crusader if I needed any more figures, but that's just because I can get them fairly cheaply.

This guy was included in the Crusader command pack, and I painted him for my WAB armies. He'll make a good unit leader or even a Numidian general.


  1. Excellent work Scott. Nice shields and a good cohesive unit look. Regards, Dean

  2. Nice units. Those two manufacturers are close enough you could even mix and match figures in the same unit.

    Your shields look great!

  3. Very nice!

    I used horse nicked from Foundry Indians for many of mine. I found the Crusaders just a bit too thoroughbred, as you describe.

  4. I like both sets of figs. Paint jobs are percfect, as usual.

    As you wrote, the Numidians probably rode something more like ponies rather than war horses. However, even though I generally like Gripping Beast figs, their horses have an unnatural look to them. The heads are just a bit off. Probably not a big deal on the table, just an observation.

  5. Scott,

    How can I contact you to find out your fees for commission painting? Thanks.

    Ken (