Thursday, March 11, 2010

HäT Industries 28mm French Légere Part II

I know it's been a long time between posts. I've been working on some figures for a commission, so I haven't painted anything for myself in some time. I've also been busy with a couple of 1/35 scale armor models, and when I posted some shots of my armor models here in the past, I've received almost no comments. If you're interested in seeing my work, you can find it on my club's website. I'll keep this blog dedicated to wargaming figures and games.

So here are some wargaming figures, then. These are the HäT French light infantry I reviewed in my last post. I wrote that the only major drawback to the figures is that it'll be tough to find other ranges that work well with them. HäT disagreed and wrote asking me to show the figures in a wargames setting, mixed with other ranges.

First, here are the French light infantry by themselves. I mounted the figures on 30mm frontage by 40mm depth, with four figures to a stand. This is the same basing I've used for my 28mm AWI and ACW armies.

Now here are some shots mixing the HäT figures with some from other manufacturers.

These are first edition Old Glory Austrians, and they look huge compared to the HäT figures. Part of that may be the effect of the lower figure density on the Austrian side. They're mounted three figures on a 1.5" square base.

So I tried more figures based on 15mm frontage. These are Crusader French and Old Glory second edition Austrians, and now the HäT figures work just fine. I will happily mix these units on the table.

You can never have too many comparison shots, right? Here are the HäT French with the Old Glory second edition Austrians. Note that the HäT figures are at least a half a head taller than the Old Glory figures.

And here are the HäT compared with Crusader. Again, the HäT figures are half a head taller. I include these comparison shots because the slender proportions of the HäT figures must create an illusion of shortness. I got a couple emails on my last review taking me to task for not pointing out how short the HäT figures are. Well, they're not short. They're a little taller than most 28s.


  1. The difference in height is less than the difference between people. Considering the Hat figures are slender, I's mix them without worries. Worst case put your other figures on a slightly thicker base, but I don't think that's necessary

  2. Scott,

    They look well and mix well. Do you have enough extras of various companies to mix within a unit? It might produce an interesting 'no two people are alike' effect.


  3. Al Amos, I really don't have any extra Napoleonics at all! I always order just what I need for my next unit or two.

    But even if I did have a few spares, I doubt I would mix them like that. I have no problem with men having different proportions, but the equipment and weapons varies in heft too. I think a mixed unit would look a little odd.

  4. Scott - nice painting as usual. As '28s' I'd be interested to see how they mix with other plastics like Perrys or Victrix (the latter also being a very big '28' figure).

    I note too the size difference next to the Crusader figures - well they are Carabinier so they should be taller - right? I see what you mean when they are presented as a unit en masse - they mix in pretty well with other slightly smaller makes. Being slender they do look smaller than they really are - wonder how they'd go against some of those Teletubby-proportioned Front rank figures?


  5. Nice post, I have been enjoying your blog for awhile now but never commented. I have really been debating about how to get back into Napoleonics. I have many 15s I am selling. they are just too small for me to want to aint more. I have been debating between 20mm and 28. Value is outstanding in 20mmmm. The quality is there too. But I really like these Legere and the Bavarians are tempting too. I don't want to do all the assembly of the Victrix. don't really like the Perry french. So I really appreciated this post and the last. The comparison was great and they terrific the way you painted them. I think I could get into to these. Keep it up!

  6. They mix really well I'm surprised at how good they look, when you see them in the box you wouldn't think they would come out as well but they do, great work with the brush. I love coming to your site because there's always beautifully painted minatures, a real inspiration to all us aspiring to be better at our craft.

  7. Excellent work Scott - hope you don't mind me linking some of your stuff through to TMP.

    I like to keep the moron's busy sometimes.

    But these are really looking neat, as does all your work.