Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ACW Commission: First Game!

The figures got to Glenn safe and sound, and he has already played his first game with them! You can read a battle report on his blog: http://tropical-games.blogspot.com/


  1. Thanks Scott. :)
    Looking forward to comments.

    Also, can you help me locate your basing/ flocking process post?

    I'm basing up a few Foundry figs that I painted 11 years ago to be used as extra units for 'over-strength' stands, and I want to make sure they match your scheme.

  2. They look even better on a gaming table then they did on your painting desk!

    So, I have to ask, after all of the work you put into these, was it hard to give them back to Glenn?

  3. Here are a couple of basing posts:



    The second link is probably the best run through of my usual method. I've abandoned the drybrush step because I haven't felt like it added anything to the overall look of the army.

  4. Yes, it was tough to part with the army. It always is.

    Seeing them on Glenn's table makes it much easier.

  5. Glad to have 'em here. They'll have a good home, and plenty of friends... :)

    Speaking of which, let me know when you're ready for the next big commission. I've got some Punic War Romans and Carthaginians that will need your loving touch in about 6 months. :)