Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FoG Carthaginian Generals

This weekend I turned my brush toward my old project, Second Punic War armies for Field of Glory. With these generals done, my Carthaginian army is complete.

Here are the three stands of generals: Hannibal in the center with his subordinates flanking him. All figures are Crusader.

The subordinate generals are simply pack ANC008 "Carthaginian Cavalry Command." To mark them as generals' stands, I painted their cloaks in garish colors.

And here is Carthage's commander. This is from pack ANC011 "Hannibal Foot and Mounted Versions."

I gave Hannibal the most ornate dress in the army, painting his cloak with two patterns of traditional Carthaginian symbols.

The foot soldiers on Hannibal's stand are from ANC006 "Infantry Command." They wear the same color tunic as my Libyan spearmen. The officer has some slight decoration on his armor.

I had two figures left over: the dismounted Hannibal and another officer. I based these for my Warhammer Ancient Battles army.

Now on to the legions of Rome!


  1. Hey Scott,
    Great painting there. I have always loved your painting and how fast you paint.

  2. These are wonderful, particularly Hannibal's cloak! Great work. I wish I could do such detailed work on my 15mm ancients.

  3. great job mr.macphee.... i was just wondering on how you paint so fast, its unbelievable on how well they look and it only took a day. but great job, and i see your doing eye's now?


  4. I did the eyes on some of these figures, just because they're the army command stand and should look a bit better than the rank and file. I doubt I'll ever start doing them on whole armies.

  5. I think that panted eyes actually looks a bit unnatural on miniatures. Seeing 'the whites of their eyes' from a scale distance of 1000 yards or more (standing over the table), just feels wrong.

    I think it looks better, and more real for the eyes to be in shadow.