Saturday, September 4, 2010

More Regimental Fire and Fury Confederates

After spending the past five months painting commissions, I wanted to paint something for myself. I primed these figures on Wednesday morning, starting painting Wednesday night, and had them finished last night.

These are all 15mm Minifigs. There are 66 Confederates and 3 Union figures. That will make for 23 Regimental Fire and Fury bases. I'm out of th 25mm x 15mm bases I use for infantry, so these won't be quite ready to hit the gaming table until I get some more.

I've always painted my rebels in a mix of colors, assuming, like most gamers, that the Confederates presented a motley appearance in the field. I've read the various arguments that southern soldiers were more neatly uniformed than most believe, but that position seems a case of special pleading to me. I've read all sorts of first person accounts that the rebels were poorly clothed, with no two were dressed alike, and a few records of uniform issues haven't changed my mind. When our primary sources nearly all agree, and when those primary sources consist of both written descriptions and photos of Confederate soldiers on campaign, any contrary argument has a lot of evidence to provide, and to my mind those arguing for neatly uniformed rebels haven't provided it.

With all that said, I did paint these in a more uniform style than I usually do. The trousers and hats are all different colors, but the jackets are all the same shade of grey. Maybe this is one of those brigades that really did have a recent issue of uniform clothing. To tell the truth, though, I just really wanted to get some figures painted quickly, and giving them all the same jacket color was a good way to speed things up.

Here's where I stand now on my RFF infantry bases. I have many more ACW infantry ready for gaming, but they're all mounted on the 1" x 7/8" bases I use for BoFF. Once I get these last figures based, I'll have enough figures to play a small scenario and try out the RFF rules.


  1. These look good. Now that you've got a good starting group fleshed out for both sides you can start doing some of the fun units like Zouaves, etc.

  2. Excellent - and Minifigs as well - well done...

    You should send some pictures to Dave at Caliver Books?? He could use them in the Minfigs catalogue, and you might get some business - sounds like a win-win! :o)

  3. Nice!

    Honestly, I paint my 15mm Confederates very random, with a few exceptions... I have a few units that I have done a bit more uniform, with the idea they were either recently supplied or they are newer to combat, and I think it looks good!

    Good stuff Scott!

  4. Hi Scott,

    Great work as always. I'd have thought that you would be sick of Civil War for a bit... LOL

    Just wanted to let you know that I have posted my first blog with the figures that you painted: A re-fight of Longstreet's attack on Day 2 at Gettysburg. Seems fitting as I had the inspiration to do the project last year November as I toured the Gettysburg battlefield after Fall In!

    Please check it out and comment:

  5. A quote from The American Heritage New History of The Civil War:

    A Union burial detail talking about rebel dead after Antietam:
    "There was not to the best of my knowledge in all that was buried two dressed alike."