Friday, September 17, 2010

FoG Roman Test Figure

Before I start a big project, I always like to paint a test figure to see if the look I have in my head matches the look I can achieve with my brush. My Field of Glory Roman army will have two legions, each with velites, hastati, principes, and triarii. One legion will have tan tunics, and the other will have faded red. I have different LBMS transfers for each regiment.

I know the red tunics will look good, so I started by painting a figure in tan. I also wanted to see if the bronze armor will look right. I am priming in brown, then drybrushing the armor with a cheap enamel bronze. Here's the test figure.

So what do you all think? Does it look convincing?


  1. It looks fantastic! I'd be proud to have an army of those 'test figures'.

    Looking forward to seeing more.


  2. looks good... i had no clue they ever wore tan, but it looks very sharp ! and also your advice on the continental regulars blue jacket came out great, thanks!


  3. Personally I like red for Romans, and I like off-white for Romans, too. A mix of tunic colours works, as they probably supplied their own tunics.

  4. Did you highlight the sword with white or is that flash from the camera?

    Very nice BTW.

  5. Josiah, I didn't use a flash, so that's the paint reflecting the sunlight. I shot the picture outdoors under a heavy cloud cover.

    I did use an enamel silver on the sword blade, so it's pretty shiny.

  6. That looks much more like my vision of Romans in the field than most! Good color choice for an unbleached wool, and the muted bronze looks like I suspect it should on campaign.