Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Field of Glory Carthaginian Army

Now that the whole Carthaginian army is done, here are some photos of the entire force. The figures are 28mm, mostly Old Glory and Crusader with some Gripping Beast mixed in. Click on the images to get bigger pictures.

Whole Army

Spanish Contingent

The cavalry and generals are Crusader Miniatures. The infantry are from Old Glory.

Liby-Phoenecian Contingent

Hannibal and the elephants are from Crusader. The infantry are Old Glory.


The javelinmen are from Gripping Beast. The slingers are Crusader.

Numidian Cavalry

The front unit are Crusader Miniatures. The rear unit are Gripping Beast.

Gallic Contingent

All the Gauls are from Old Glory. Shield transfers are from Little Big Men Studios.

Carthage's Next General?

The boy is a scratchbuild. We combined figures from the MacPhee and Dahlgren lines.


  1. Truly awesome. And your son is getting BIG!

  2. Fantastic! very colorful looking army Scott great!

    what kind of flocking did you use for your bases?


  3. Very very nice army. I may steal some of you colour schemes for my 15mm army when I get back to it!

    Well done!


  4. The flocking material is "ballast brown" from Noch. They've discontinued it, and I had to do some serious scrounging to get what I have on hand.

  5. Hi Scott,

    I have been painting some Crusader Republican Romans. Yesterday, when attempting to paint some white shields, I found the coverage to be very poor even with the much ballyhooed Vallejo Model Colors. How are you able to get such bright, solid coverage with your white, especially when using craft paints?

  6. Ron, I don't water my paints down at all. I also tend to use off whites rather than straight white. Moat of the whites you see here are Magnolia White or Eggshell White.

  7. Thanks Scott, I'll give that a try.

  8. Wow they do look fantastic awesome job well done

  9. Excellent looking army!Superb example of a 15mm ancient army.


  10. Brilliant colors, and I like the Numidian shield designs you did (nice change from the standard plain hide).

  11. Wow your painting is exemplary, your work continues to inspire my own humble efforts at building a Carthaginian army.