Friday, December 7, 2012

Blue Moon 15/18mm Napoleonic Grenzers

Here are more figures from Blue Moon's Napoleonic range.  These are Grenzers marching, which can be a tough find.  Most manufacturers have their Grenzers in shooting poses, but they were not exclusively skirmish infantry.  I have struggled to find acceptable figures for my 1809 Austrian army, so these Blue Moon figures definitely fill a need for me.

I painted these as the 13th Grenz Regiment, from Nordmann's division in 1809.  Yes, I do know that most Grenzers were in white by then.  I like my Grenzers to wear brown.  The Austrian army already has enough white!

The marching infantry come in three poses,  but they are very similar.  I think two are looking ahead and one is looking slightly to the left, and the three have slightly different grips on their muskets.

I used one of GMB's 15mm flags, which are very nice.  I rarely use anything else any more.  The figures have good raised detail for the braiding on the trousers.  Were I feeling more ambitious, I would try to replicate the black and yellow braid.  As it is, I will settle for yellow.

I went with red for the rolled overcoats.  Again, most Grenzers probably would have switched over to grey overcoats by 1809, but this is a chance to add a splash of color to my Austrian army.

So overall these are very nice figures.  I think one of the more obscure manufacturers makes marching Grenzers, but Blue Moon are the first I have been able to get my hands on.  I guess you could use Hungarian infantry in shakos for close order Grenzers, but you will not have the distinctive hair styles.


  1. Agree with you, Scott.
    The brown coats make them more distinct from the Hungarian Line Infantry, and I like the red.
    Still collecting all the Perry Austrians as they release them to make a complete Austrian army in 28mm.
    Almost there.
    My Russian army is even closer to complete and ready to break out into units and paint.

  2. Wow, Scott! You are really cranking out the figures. I agree with your compromise of yellow braiding only and, of course, on keeping the dark red greatcoat.

    What is your opinion on the quality of the sculpting on the faces? The faces on the French in bicorne look almost non-humanoid. Have you picked up any of these?

  3. I don't have them yet, Jon. These faces were fine, though. They sort of have their chins tucked down to their chests, and the hair braids and mustaches cover most of the rest of the face.

  4. Glenn, do I get to take a whack at any of those Russians? I have a couple free weeks coming up soon . . .

  5. Good job on those. I like the brown coats as well.

  6. Are you sure that is the 11th? I show facing of crimson/scarlet for the 11th grenz.

  7. Right you are, Jon. This is the 13th.

  8. They look excellent! As you know, I am 100% in agreement with you on Brown coats for the Grenz, and of course the red cloaks rolled up on top of the packs. They give the Kaiselicks some much needed dash and color!

    I do love the Grenz; indeed, I now have so many units of Grenz in my army, I need to paint some more German line to balance them out! :-)

  9. Scott - absolutely!
    I'll pack them up and send them next week. :-)

  10. Scott -

    Do you want to tackle the Russian cavalry as well as Infantry?

    I have the following:
    20 Dragoons (5 Units)
    24 Cuirassier (6 Units)
    12 Hussars (3 Units)
    12 Jaegars/ Chasseurs (3 Units)
    12 Cossacks (3 Units)