Friday, December 21, 2012

Old Glory First Edition AWI Rankers

I had hoped to be farther along than this by now, but here are the first 40 rankers for my Old Glory regiments.  Only 80 more to paint!

That "DC all" means that all the figures on that stick got Delta's "Dark Chocolate" as their shade on their jackets.  This set of 40 gets all the interesting colors: blues, greys, off-browns.  The other 80 figures all get Dark Burnt Umber jackets.

I knew I wanted my Continentals to look motley, so when I ordered these figures years ago, I ordered a mix of pants and hat styles.  You'll see stockings, gaiters, and trousers, and the hats are half blocked and half floppy.  Old Glory has six different packs of marching Continentals, and I ordered four of them.

Not one of these figures has a black hat.  I may mix some in with my next batch, but then again I may not.  So far I have only painted my officers and NCOs with black hats.  The men in the ranks have various shades of browns, tans, and greys.

In fact, I am treating these figures just like I would a few regiments of Confederates.  I like that look for my Continentals.  I could wish that Old Glory had some marching troops in fringed hunting shirts, civilian coats, and shirtsleeves.  Then I could do with these what I had done with my Perry figures: get the look of an armed mob that is becoming an army.

I am enjoying these figures for what they are.  The poses are a little awkward at times.  The faces can be downright ugly.  The many small folds in clothing make them difficult for my painting method (these really call for an wash technique).  Certainly Perry and Fife and Drum are better.  But these Old Glory figures will work very well for filling out my army.  And I have to admit, they do have a charm of their own.

You know, we really are spoiled for choice in AWI ranges.  For such a niche period, I am amazed at all the excellent ranges available.


  1. Bear in mind these chaps were designed almost 20 years ago- I was there so to speak- I'd agree that the more modern Fife and Drum are better but personally I find Perrys very Bland- the OG second edition SWI are my personal favourites- of those where I've actually held the metal in my hand- not done that with Fife and Drum yet.
    My own AWI armies are OG 1st ed OG second ed and Stadden 30mm with a plan for some Fand D when I get back to the AWI.
    Very nice paint jobs though.

  2. lovely work, AWI is on my list for 2013.....I may get to them!