Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Old Glory 15mm Napoleonic Austrian Jager

Before I could host that game last Saturday, I had to get these 42 jager ready for the table.  They are all Old Glory.

I have always liked the Austrian army for its colorful mix of uniforms, and the jager are some of the sharpest looking troops the Austrians fielded.

These troops, with slightly different firearms, would not look out of place in 1914.

The Old Glory figures are full of movement and very attractive.

Some of the figures came with bayonets fixed, but I figured no rifle armed skirmisher would keep his bayonet fixed if he could avoid it.

I used two tone shading throughout.

I primed these figures last Tuesday, painted them on Wednesday, and based them on Thursday.  14 bases took part in our game last weekend.


  1. How is it possible to paint 42 figures in one day? I'll never know...

  2. Yes 42 in one day ?.....impressive. They look good as well ??

  3. Wow, I just painted up 25 Austrian Jager by Eureka.Mine look dull and lifeless compared to your troops. Great job! I should get more and paint them like yours.

  4. Dave, are those Jager from their Wars of the French Revolution range? I would love to see what they look like. Any chance you could post some pictures?

  5. These are very nice, well done.

  6. The Tyrolean Jagers are easily my favorite unit among all the units of the Napoleonic wars for all nations. I just love the hats! You've done them proud as usual. Lovely paint jobs.

  7. Great looking Jägers, very nice work!

  8. How cute the mini models are ~ I want one