Saturday, May 31, 2008

AB 15mm Napoleonic French in Bicorne

I painted these AB figures so I could sell them, so I'm not going to finish the bases. I had thought about keeping them, which is why I based them for General de Brigade.

The figures are very nice, but I had some issues with breakage on these. Some bayonets were cracked about a third of the way down the blade, so you'll see a few miniature bayonets here.

When I do finally decide to tackle my early French army, these are probably the figures I'll use. They paint up very well indeed.

AB French Line in Bicornes, Group Shot (Click on any picture for a larger image)

Elite Companies

Fusilier Companies

Command (and Fusilier Company)


  1. Very nice looking battalion. I noticed that you went for the 6 company basing. I'm wrestling with whether or not to use 6 companies per the post 1807 regulations or the 9 companies. However, I see that you painted these to sell so maybe it doesn't matter. I like the look of larger battalions with 15mm figs.

  2. I think with my next unit I will go with the 9 company organization. I've been toying with the idea of fighting Napoleon's Italian campaigns with General de Brigade, and I'll definitely need to go with the earlier organization for those battles.

  3. The Italian Campaign would really be cool to see and to play - nice uniforms.

  4. 52Hi,
    Fantastic blog and marvellous french republic battalion. Vive la République!