Friday, May 16, 2008

AB Austrian Revolutionary Period Fusilier

I got my latest order from Eureka USA today. Between my friend Austin, who uses AB almost exclusively for his Napoleonic armies, and the great service from Rob at Eureka USA, I am fast becoming a lead snob.

If I'm not quite a lead snob yet, I am definitely pose snob, if such a thing exists. I'm starting to insist that my infantry have a march attack pose, since they line up so well on the base and can stand rough handling. Most of my French are Old Glory and Battle Honors, neither of whom makes French light infantry in a march attack pose. I ordered 112 AB legere in march attack, and I'm sure I'll enjoy painting them. I also ordered a brigade worth of Polish infantry to see how I like painting them.

The French and Poles look great, but the best figures of the bunch are the revolutionary period Austrians I ordered on a whim. I've always thought the early campaigns in Italy would be a lot of fun to game, but I would want to do the Austrians right, in their little caps rather than in the greek helmet of later years. I think my hypothetical 1796-1800 project just moved up the priority list, because these are some beautiful figures. Eureka doesn't have images up for them on their website, so here are a couple quick snapshots of AB-RKK01, "German fusilier | march attack." As always, you can click on the pictures to get larger images.

Maybe it's just because I spent the last day painting those Eureka Russians, but these may be the best looking 15mm figures I've ever seen.

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