Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Painting Totals for May

I had carpal tunnel surgery in February, and this is the first month where I really feel like I've regained my painting mojo. My May totals:

28mm ACW Union, 60 infantrymen
28mm early imperial Romans, 20 legionaries
15mm SYW Russians, 12 infantrymen
15mm Napoleonic Austrians, 112 German line infantry and 24 Hungarian line infantry
15mm Napoleonic French, 36 line infantry

So that's 80 28mm figures and 184 15mm figures in one month, all painted to a very high standard.

We'll see if I can maintain this pace after the birth of my son, which should be any day now. I'm betting I won't be able to keep this up. :-)


  1. Scott you are a painting machine!

  2. Congrats re the upcoming birth of your son. I will say that your paint totals will go down for sure! My son turns 3 in a week. Can't wait to get him painting! Anyway, congrats!!!

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  4. Scott, I do hate you a little bit.