Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Battle Honors Napoleonic Hungarians in Shako

I'm still working my way through the 1100 Austrian infantry I need for my Wagram army (I've painted nearly 700 so far). This weekend I took a break from Germans in helmet to do some Hungarians in shako.

These Battle Honors figures painted up well. There are only four poses in the pack: officer, standard bearer, drummer, and infantryman. The figures' proportions are outstanding. The only problem I had with these figures was in painting the faces. They just didn't have enough raised detail to pick out.

IR2, Front (Click on all pictures for larger images)

IR2, Back

IR2, Side


  1. Great work! Glad to have found your blog, we appear to be tackling many similar projects. Good luck and I look forward to reading more.

  2. They look pretty nice to me! I like your solution for painting white belts and leatherwork on white uniforms. It looks better than the black lining that I use. What colors did you use for base coat.

  3. I use Delta Ceramcoats for all my painting. My white basecoat is "mudstone," a very handy color.