Monday, May 26, 2008

Napleonic Austrians, Assembly Line Style

While I wait for my wife to deliver our first child, I've had a very productive painting week. By making a large assembly line, I was able to crank out 112 Austrian infantry in just 20 hours. I built three brigades of Old Glory figures and one lone stand of Battle Honors to match some figures I painted a couple years ago.

Group Shot: 112 Austrians (Click on all pictures for larger images)

The New The Old

In this last shot, you can see how my painting style has evolved over the past two years. I used to just drybrush the metal bits on the muskets. Now I carefully paint all the silver bits with a small brush. I used to paint in just one color over black. Now I usually have a shade and a highlight color. I used to use raw umber as my skin base. Now I use a browning flesh color that I mix myself.

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  1. They look fantastic all grouped up - I know white is a tricky colour to bring off so well done!