Wednesday, March 18, 2009

15mm Xyston Macedonian Phalangites

My latest painting commission (just finished) was for Xyston 15mm Macedonians: 32 phalangites, 12 companion cavalry, and 2 charioteers.  I liked the Xyston figures very much, and if I ever build a Macedonian army for myself in this scale, they're certainly what I'll use.  At around $.60 apiece, they're still cheaper than ABs, and I think they're nearly as well sculpted.

I painted these in what I think are the most likely colors for Macedonians.  You won't see any pastel rainbow here.  I went with dull red tunics, off-white linothorax, and straight bronze metal.  The shields are, as always, hand painted.  If I ever do this for myself, I'll probably spring for some Little Big Men transfers.

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  1. Mr. MacPhee,
    great work! Please do a shield painting tutorial.