Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Austrian Infantry for Wagram

My year-long attempt to give myself snow blindness continues.  I finished these Austrians while waiting for a shipment on my last commission, but I didn't finish basing them until Tuesday.

3rd Division, III Corps

These are IR 7 and IR 56, 16 more stands for my Austrian army.  I used Old Glory's "road march" Germans in helmets for these two regiments.  I like the poses a great deal.  They stand more erect than the "march attack" OG poses, and the anatomy seems a little better.  They still have pinched faces, but most of the face is covered by the helmet bill.

I still have 78 more bases of line infantry to paint, but 16 bases of German grenadiers are already half done, and I have 9 bases of Hungarians primed and ready after those.  Then I'll tackle the 13 remaining bases of landwehr, the eight of grenzer, the 14 of Jäger, and the division generals.  I'll finish by painting 9 bases of cuirassiers, 18 of hussars, and 56 more guns with limbers and crew.

I had hoped to finish this project in time for the 200th anniversary, but I only got about halfway last year.  I may finish it up this year, but that's a daunting amount of painting left, now that I see it all listed out.

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  1. 56 more Austrians guns with limbers, teams, and crew? You are mad.