Friday, March 6, 2009

Terrain Guy

I took $500 I had earned from commissions and made a big purchase with The Terrain Guy.  My gaming room is a little cramped, but it can just accommodate a 9'x5' ping pong table.  I've always used three sheets of felt for my playing surface, with balled up shirts and shorts underneath for hills and a ketchup bottle dispenser full of Woodland Scenics ballast for roads.  But my gaming partners have much better setups at their houses, and I wanted something a little more visually attractive for my place.

So I bought a 9'x5' terrain mat ($95), two sets of roads ($90), 2 sets of 2" rivers ($100), 5 each of large, medium, and small hills ($150), and four bridges ($32).  With the various trees I've bought elsewhere, I can set up pretty much any battle on my table now.

The pictures below show the initial setup for my Pea Ridge solo game I've been playing this week.  There are no rivers or bridges, but you can see the quality of the Terrain Guy's product in these pictures.

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  1. That's looking pretty good! Good riddance to felt. I've been working on a number of terrain pieces myself. I though that if I had nice terrain, then I'd convince myself to game more. I only wish I had the space for a permanent gaming table! I have a terrain shelf for display, but to play a game I need to lug the cloth, hills, trees, etc. up to dining room.