Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Painting Totals

I haven't been updating the blog as regularly this month, but I have been busy painting.  Most of my painting has been for a commission, and I don't like to show off my commission work in public.  I'm always afraid some cross-grained gamer will post that I "didn't use the right shade of amaranth for the 17th Musselman foot Gailamiys," and my customer will be disappointed in the result.

I did fit in some Napoleonic Austrians while I was waiting on a commission shipment, so at least I accomplished something for myself this month, apart from funding my hobby.  Here's what I got done.

15mm Turks, 40 infantrymen, 30 cavalry
15mm EIR, 16 infantrymen

For Me:
28mm Romans, 10 foot command
15mm Napoleonic Austrians, 64 infantrymen

That's a total of 320 SPPs for February.  Not a brilliant month, but the irregular dress of all those Turks slowed me down considerably.  I'm at my best when I can work an assembly line, and that wasn't possible with that commission.

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