Wednesday, September 9, 2009

15mm Xyston Hypaspists

I've finished my last commission, which was for a pretty big force of 15mm Macedonians. All the figures were from Xyston Miniatures. They have a reputation as the very best 15mm ancients, the AB of their period, and they live up to it. Here are the hypaspists, which I painted using the same techniques of shading I would use on 28mm figures.

As you can see, my patron wanted to use these as silver shields. Should I ever decide to build a 15mm Macedonian army, I know which figures I'll use!


  1. Would you ever sell any of these figures? I would love to negotiate a price with you. Please let me know.

  2. quick question, how do you attach the spears to the hands of xyston 15mm? I have tried superglue and it doesnt work for me.......

  3. Awesome paint Job! Well done!