Thursday, September 10, 2009

Old Glory Second Edition AWI Americans (4)

I finished terraining the bases of my rank and file last night. I'll wait on the command stands until I have some GMB flags for them.

The figure basing scheme I'm using is the same as for my American Civil War figures. Close order infantry get four figures on a 30mmx40mm Litko base. This gives only 15mm of frontage per figure, which is a pretty tight fit, but it accomplishes two goals.

First I get that close order, shoulder-to-shoulder look that many horse and musket wargames armies don't have. My 28mm Napoleonic armies, for example, based for Piquet, have three infantry figures on a 40mm square base. They end up looking like a reinforced skirmish line, rather than a dense, ordered formation of infantry. These Continentals (and my ACW regiments) are much denser.

Second, I can really pack the troops on my 9'x5' table. My 15mm figures are also four to a stand, but their stands are 25mm square. My 28mm troops take up only an additional 5mm of frontage, which means I can fight big battles and use almost the same number of 28mm troops as 15mm troops.

My ACW infantry have a very simple terrain scheme on their bases. I started by laying down a layer of Woodland Sceneics dark brown medium ballast. I drybrushed the ballast with light chocolate paint, then used white glue to affix bright green static grass.

I mixed that up a bit for my AWI figures. I used Woodland Scenics light brown fine ballast with no drybrush, added the static grass, and affixed some scatter with tacky glue. The scatter is a mix of medium talus (stained with a burnt umber oil wash), medium green clump foliage, and Silflor late summer prairie tufts. I think it gives a lot more texture to the base, but you can judge for yourself with these comparison shots. Click on the photos to get larger images.

I may start adding some leafed and dead branches as well once I base my Perry figures. I need to hunt for some good looking twigs.


  1. What rules do you use for ACW?? I agree with you about the basing - it looks good... for my WSS games I pack six 15mm's on to a 30mm square base in two ranks... looks splendid.. will I think so! :o))

  2. I'm going to use "Guns at Gettysburg" for ACW battles. I'm a General de Brigade junkie, I guess.

  3. The reason I ask is that I'm scavenging for a good set of ACW rules to allow my project to start - could I ask you a favour?? Could you describe in a couple of sentences why you like them???

  4. I like the basing - looks very realistic. One thing you might try is a quick dry-brush of tan on the grass clumps to get a hay like effect. Basically makes it look like the grass is going to seed. It's not necessary though - looks great as-is.

    I like the mix of regular uniforms and hunting shirts.

  5. Steve, the rules are very old school, with firing, melee, and casualties conducted by figure. The combat resolution is very simple, with a single die roll and effects chart. The morale system is really the best part of the rules, with regiments, brigades, and divisions losing their will to fight as casualties mount. Panic in one part of the line can quickly spread.

    The real heart of the game is in the orders system, which reminds me of the excellent Civil War Brigade series from The Gamers. Each set of orders places limits on what the regiments in that brigade can do. The division commander issues orders to his brigade commanders, who roll to accept the orders. Brigade commanders who don't receive orders can attempt to exercise their own initiative, but bad rolls for initiative acceptance can result in a panicked or overly rash brigade commander!

    Basically, the rules combine a very simple set of combat mechanics with a very complex set of command mechanics. The result is a game that emphasizes proper command and control. Your generals are not merely game markers, but the most important figures on the board. Properly positioning your generals is key, as is a well conceived battle plan that can survive some strokes of bad luck.

  6. Thanks, AJ. Coming from you, that's high praise indeed! I've been admiring your figure basing for a while. I'll give that drybrushing a shot and see how it looks.

  7. Great stuff Scott. I always love to look on your site and see what you have painted. I am right into Ancients so I love your 15mm and 28mm figures.

    All the best


  8. Nice and vibrant style of painting.The models "jump".