Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Painting Totals

September was another very good month. I finished 30 15mm figures and 174 28mm figures. You've seen most of the figures on the blog, and the few you haven't seen should be up within the next few days.

15mm Macedonians, 30 infantrymen (last of my commission work)
28mm AWI Americans, 16 infantrymen
28mm AWI British, 8 infantrymen
28mm ACW Confederates, 60 infantrymen
28mm Macedonians, 70 infantrymen, 10 cavalrymen

That makes for 831 SPPs this month and 3598 for the year. I'm averaging about 400 SPPs per month in 2009, and September saw me crank out more than double that. In addition to the figures, I also painted a 1/35 scale tank. I may do a post on the tank next week, but maybe not. It's not for wargaming, but for display, and I'm not sure any blog readers would be interested in seeing it.

I've painted the following figures so far this year:
28mm Foot: 454
28mm Mounted: 68
15mm Foot: 564
15mm Mounted: 105
15mm Elephants: 6
15mm Guns: 2


  1. That's an insane volume of painting!

  2. I'm interested in seeing your 1/35 tank.

  3. Woa... Those numbers are utopian for me. Impressive.

  4. I hate you. ;) I'm such a slacker by comparison.....

  5. Grief, Scott - that is scarily impressive.