Thursday, September 24, 2009

Modeling Show Coming Up

The Society of Palouse Area Modelers (SPAM), of which I am a member, will be holding its annual "Show Off the Good Stuff" show on October 3rd in Moscow, Idaho. I'm feverishly working on my 28mm Macedonian army in order to exhibit at at the show. I have 22 pikemen, 20 javelinmen, 10 archers, and 10 Greek light cavalry to finish in the next 12 days. I hope to have some pictures of the completed pikemen up tomorrow.

At the same time, I working on a 1/35 scale Tiger II, the first tank I've ever painted using an airbrush. This is a stretch for me, working on something well outside my comfort zone. We'll see how it comes out.


  1. As was said in the imortal film "The Waterboy"

    "You can dooo iiiiiiitttttt!!!"

  2. It's coming along, Don. I'm doing finishing work on the tank now, and I have everything but the cavalry done.

  3. My favorite quote from the "Waterboy" is "she showed me her boobies...."