Sunday, September 13, 2009

Old Glory Second Edition AWI British

When I bought my packs of Americans from Old Glory, I had them through in a single pack of British so I could see how I liked them.

The British are dressed according to the 1768 clothing warrant, which really only makes them suitable for operations around Boston from April to June of 1775. And it's actually doubtful that many British infantry wore full dress even then! Still, this is the classic "redcoat" look that filled all our school years imaginations, and I'm not pedant enough to bar full dress Brits from any battlefield. These figures probably bear as much likeness to the wet and muddy foot slogger as any Napoleonic full dress figure does, and I doubt many Napoleonic gamers would banish full dress figures to the parade ground.

I painted these figures in white facings and lace, meaning to use them as Marines at Bunker Hill. The red coats got a slight highlight of pink, which I hope helps them to pop.

So what's the verdict? I like the figures well enough, and at $.60 apiece, they're a bargain. With Foundry and Front Rank as their only real competition, these figures will likely form the bulk of any British army I choose to build. Since Austin is focusing on figures in campaign dress, a few full dress regiments might allow us to fight the very earliest battles or field a bit more variety in later fights.


  1. I think they look great Scott.

    But they won't do for the Saratoga armies you all are planning.

    Do you also wonder why the only manufacturer that makes campaign dress British in 28mm is Perry?

    Maybe if enough of us lobby Old Glory they'll make British in floppy hats and cut down coats as part of their 2nd Edition range.

  2. I'd sure like to see Old Glory try some campaign dress Brits. Maybe I'll email them and see what they say.

  3. They look fine in every respect except those faces. Maybe they don't look as distorted in person, but from all your pics of the Second Edition, there is definitely a theme.

  4. Scott,

    I think Old Gory do have some great ranges out there and these guys are better then Front Rank as they look a little more alive then the standard Front Rank figure. I also think your painting style fits the OLd Glory figure perfectly.



  5. Yes, the faces let these figures down. I'm not sure what happened there. Chris Hughes of Sash and Saber sculpted these figures, and all the S&S figures I've seen have had great faces.

  6. These look fantastic. I like the faces just fine! Well done with the shading on the coats.

  7. I like your painting and like most your stuff it looks good.However,I must say I'm not a fan of Old Glory at 25mm.I do like their 15's quite a bit and their ACW at 15mm is very nice.
    As far as AWI at 25/28mm then it's all Perry for me be it Foundry or their own personal range.