Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Austin's Russian Grenadiers

I'm very lucky to have a gaming group with such excellent painters. Jon is able to exceed my figure counts most months, and he paints very attractive, clean looking figures. Austin paints a little more slowly, but everything he paints is just first rate. These are Austin's AB 1805-11 Moscow Grenadiers, perfect for Eylau.

Moskovskii Grenadiers (click for larger image)

AB just released these figures, and they're beautiful sculpts. These are figure codes AB-ER65-8. Eureka USA doesn't have photos of them on the website yet.

All three of us paint with craft paints such as Delta Ceramcoats, Folk Art, and Apple Barrel. Austin used "Mudstone"as his base on the greatcoats, and highlighted with "Eggshell." The flag is a free one from Napflags. Bases are from Litko. You'll notice that Austin paints three figures per base, rather than the more usual four. This way he can build his units more quickly, and he doesn't end up spending so much on figures. It's a nice compromise for Age of Eagles. Even if Austin doesn't get ordered blocks of infantry, the finished units still look very nice.


  1. Scott,
    I would have to admit you have a great blog. Love all the pictures and very well painted figures. I check your site almost three times a week to look at your work.


  2. Wow, thanks! Your blog helped inspire me to start this one.

  3. Very nicely done. Almost makes me wish I went with 15mm Napoleonics!