Thursday, October 30, 2008

October Painting Totals

This was a very busy month, with one weekend-long convention and two other gaming weekends. I spent a lot of time basing my WAB Punic Wars armies on FoG compatible bases. A lot of my painting time was taken up by Wargames Factory's new Marian Romans, which, while cheap and attractive, took a lot of prep time before I ever picked up a paintbrush (a full review will be up within the week). I'm also taking care of a teething baby, and when he cries, I set everything down to comfort him. So here are my painting totals for this month:

28mm Republican Romans, 15 cavalry
28mm Carthaginians, 2 elephants and 6 crew
28mm Marian Romans, 48 infantry
15mm Napoleonic Austrians, 18 cavalry

That's a total of 368 Scott Painting Points for the month. Not as good as August (654), but not as bad as September (299).

1 comment:

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