Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting Ready for Tactical Solutions

I've spent the past two weeks painting like crazy to get my armies ready for our local convention. I'm running two games: Aspern Essling using "Age of Eagles" and Trebia using "Field of Glory." I've used rubber cement to affix my WAB based ancients to FoG bases. I painted two Carthaginian elephants, 15 Roman cavalry, and 18 Austrian cuirassiers just this week. I'm beat.

If you live anywhere near Coeur d'Alene, come check out the convention. It starts tomorrow afternoon and runs through Sunday. You can find all the info you need at the Tactical Solutions website. If you don't live near Coeur d'Alene, well, that's too bad for you. :-)

I'll update the blog more after the convention ends. I want to get up a review of the Crusader elephants I'm using. I'll get pictures of my games and post them here. And I'll be reviewing the new Wargames Factory plastic Marian legionaries. I've been chugging away on them for two weeks, and I'm almost done.

Once those Wargames Factory figures are done, I'll probably take a break from painting for a couple weeks. I might work on my DML Stug III, and I might just kick back and watch some baseball.

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