Sunday, October 5, 2008

SPAM 2008

Yesterday I attended the Society of Palouse Area Modelers' 2008 "Show Off the Good Stuff" show in Moscow, Idaho. SPAM is the local chapter of the International Plastic Modelers' Society. I had seven entries and received gold ribbons for each.

The lighting was fine for judging but terrible for pictures. You can see very well on my closeups, but anything I shot from a distance looks very dim. Sorry!

My BTD Americans

My 15mm Old Glory Tigers

My Scalping Party Diorama (Old Glory 25s)

My Old Glory Napoleonic French Skirmishers

My Marian Romans

My Foundry Hypaspists

My Old Glory Carthaginian Spearmen

These figures earned me the "Best Wargaming Figures" plaque.

Austin's 18mm AB Austrian Hussars

Dale's 15mm Battlefront Tiger Is

Dale writes about painting these models on his blog.

Dale's Battlefront AT Guns

Scott R.'s 15mm FOW Americans

One of Scott R.'s Tanks. Beautiful.

Victor's 25mm German Flats

This vignette won the plaque for "Best Figure (under 60mm)."

Remember, this is a flat!

Don and Scott R.'s Memphis Belle Diorama

This won the "Best Diorama" plaque.

Jack's 120mm Romans

Jack's 120mm Romans

Don's 1:48 Tamiya King Tiger

Don very graciously gave me this tank after the show. I'll use it for 28mm wargames.

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